Wide-Format Printers

We offer wide format printer in both Laser LED and Ammonia based system. Both of which delivers astonishing industry leading printing speed that are hardly matched by competitors. Teriostar Printer Series originates from Japan and utilizes Japanese manufacturing and technological advancements to fabricate a compact yet powerful printer that is capable of matching high printing demands. 


Teriostar LP-1040 Copier Multifunction LED Laser

Teriostar LP-1040 Printer Multifunction LED Laser


Teriostar LP-1030 Copier Multifunction LED Laser


Teriostar LP-1030 Printer Multifunction LED Laser


Diazo Ammonia Printer


rigoli-diazo-ammonia-blueprint paper

Rigoli Supermignon Diazo Ammonia Copier



Diazit Dart XL300 Ammonia Diazo Copier