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Carbon Copy Paper Blue Doubleside Sheet 80gsm

Product InfoCharacteristicsCommon SizesBrochure

Grammage: 80gsm

Coat Pigment Color: Blue Double-sided

Package Content: 100 sheets

Application: Reproducing original documents, Simultaneously copying multiple copies

Compatibilty: Typewriter, Ballpoint pen

Price: Given upon quotation

Manufacturer: Reprotech Co. Ltd.

Hilite carbon paper is produced from high-grade imported carnauba wax and pigmented carbon. Each paper can produce multiple copies with consistent crisp and clear lines. Our uniquely formulated coating prevents ink from smudging or spilling on to the copy. The product can be stored for an extended period of time without deteriorating in quality.

Sheet Size




Made to order available (Please contact us for more information)


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Guaranteed Unit Price  price-logo

By purchasing directly with us, the manufacturer, you avoid double marginalization that minimizes your cost of procurement. We are committed to deliver you Premium Quality Products with Lower-Than-Competition unit price that will give you the edge over competitors.     

Customizable Brand & Label   customize-carbon-paper

Since all orders are made-to-order, we cordially invite you to design and use your own brand & label on our product. This allows you to adapt the product appearance to suit the local preferences in your market area in a more effective manner. Just send the file to us and we will do the rest for you.