Diazo Ammonia Blueprint Paper

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Diazo Ammonia Blueprint Paper Sheets 80Gsm

Product InfoCharacteristicsCommon SizesBrochure

Development Colors: Blueline, Blackline & Redline

Development Speed: Extra speed, Fast speed, Medium speed, Low speed

Grammage: 80gsm

Package Content: 250, 500, 1000 sheets

Sheet Size(s): Made to order

Application: Reproducing architectural documents

Compatibilty: Ammonia system machine (Diazit, Rigoli, etc.)

Price: Given upon quotation

Manufacturer: Reprotech Co. Ltd.

Our diazo ammonia-sensitized blueprint paper is mechanically tear resistant and have extra smooth textured background. The specially formulated diazo coating permits faster printing speed and clearer developed image lines. Superior shelf-life of over twelve months. Ammonia reproducing method remains the fastest and most economical way to reproduce large format documents.jn











Made to order available (Please contact us for more information)


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By purchasing directly with us, the manufacturer, you avoid double marginalization that minimizes your cost of procurement. We are committed to deliver you Premium Quality Products with Lower-Than-Competition unit price that will give you the edge over competitors.     

Customizable Brand & Label   customize-carbon-paper

Since all orders are made-to-order, we cordially invite you to design and use your own brand & label on our product. This allows you to adapt the product appearance to suit the local preferences in your market area in a more effective manner. Just send the file to us and we will do the rest for you. 

Diazo Blueprint Paper Information

The manufacturing process of our blueprint paper (Diazo Paper or Ammonia based paper) is refined through many decades of experience and is characterized by outstanding quality to perfection. Our commitment to the perfection of diazo paper is communicated through the global satisfaction of our blueprint paper (diazo paper) customers. Reproduction with diazo paper is the method with the lowest cost regardless of the slight decline in popularity. Therefore, many corporations that effectively utilize diazo paper are capable of achieving the edge in terms of production costs. Moreover, our diazo paper boast an outstanding shelf life of over twelve months