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We are the manufacturer and supplier of various reprographic products with better price offering

33+ Years of Experience

We have perfected our product and service with every passing year and is committed to perfection

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We are passionate to deliver you the best purchase experience through various communication channels


Our HILITE branded reprographic supplies provides the perfect combination for premium quality, unbeatable price, and outstanding service. Given that we are the manufacturer of reprographic products including Ammonia Blueprint Paper (Diazo Paper), Carbon Copy paper, etc., products delivered from us is order customized to guarantee superior shelf life and qualitative consistency.


We distribute toner based & ammonia based system wide-format printers that distinguishes themselves with exceptional printing and scanning speed.

Teriostar LP-1030 LED Laser Copier/Printer 

Teriostar LP-2050 LED Laser Copier/Printer


Diazit XL300 Diazo Blueprint Printer

rigoli-diazo-ammonia-blueprint paper

Rigoli Supermignon Blueprint Printer